Sunday, September 13, 2009

New and improved Twitter

Ok i changed my twitter a little..well first lets start off with my name it is @MeMyselfAndTy. You can always on and never off..i have a twitter addiction. You can tweet me any time of the day and i promise to reply. And now i do mobile twitter so i will definetly will reply.

Baddest Lil Chick - Skye townsend and Rose Lebeau

So my last post was about rising stars..well to give you a little taste im posting a song of Skye Towsends and Rose LeBeau. This song is a remix to the Whisper song by the Ying Yang Twins called Baddest Lil Chick. Honestly i cant stop listening to this hot song! Im sure you will love it!! And if you really love it just click the link to zshare to download onto your personal playlist on your ipod!

Download link;) -

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

History in the making!!

These girls are history in the making!! Amazing singers and youtube comedians. Skye Townsend , Angelique Celler, and Mayo(Miya) Bass are the names of these stars in the makingg, you gotta check them out!

Skye , ,
Angelique Celler - , ,
Mayo Bass- , ,
Skye and Angelique-
Videos to check out - - Gibberish Remix by Mayo Bass I love this song!! - Celebrity Therapy- Rihanna and Beyonce starring Skye and Angelique hella funny!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Dollar Menu Addiction

Mcdonalds sweet tea is an addiction to all of us!! Especially me!! This week i had it for the fourth time today. Its soo weird how good it taste!! Its liquid crackk!!:)